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On this page you will find helpful links to agency and organization websites as well as to interesting blogs and listservs where you might find interesting and helpful information relating to historic preservation and cultural resource management as well as environmental and natural resources law and advocacy.

Government Sites

Advisory Council on Historic Preservation

The ACHP website is one of the best places to learn about the National Historic Preservation Act and Section 106.

Bureau of Indian Affairs

The BIA website can provide you with environmental and preservation regulations as they relate to Native Americans, Native Alaskans, and Native Hawaiians. You can also learn about consultation requirements, government-to-government regulations, and grants.

National Park Service

The National Park Service website can provide you with information on everything from information about the history of parks to the laws regulating historic resources. It is also where you will find information related to the National Register of Historic Places and where you can find National Register Bulletins.

Environmental Protection Agency

The EPA website can provide you with a wealth of environmental information, including resources such as information on federal environmental policy, laws and regulations, procedural requirements, and variety of helpful publications. This site is a good place to start if you want to learn about the National Environmental Policy Act.

UNESCO Database of Cultural Heritage Laws

This site allows you to search UNESCO Member Nations national laws currently in force, import/export certificates, official and unofficial translations of laws and certificates, contact details for national authorities, and official national websites dedicated to the protection of cultural heritage.

Historic Preservation Sites

Heritage Watch

Heritage Watch is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the world, through research, education, and advocacy.

Lawyers Committee for Cultural Heritage Resources

The Lawyers’ Committee for Cultural Heritage Preservation (LCCHP) is a not-for-profit organization that fosters the stewardship of the objects, places, and traditions that define us as societies, nations, civilizations, and even human beings. We are lawyers, legal scholars, and law enforcement agents --- but also anthropologists, archaeologists, architects, art historians, students, and others --- who champion preservation through the justice system. Through our educational programs and resources, we are also working to prepare a new generation of advocates, as well as educate the public. 

National Association of Tribal Historic Preservation Officers

A national non-profit membership organization of Tribal government officials who implement federal and tribal preservation laws. NATHPO's overarching purpose is to support the preservation, maintenance and revitalization of the cutlure and traditions of Native peoples of the United States.

National Trust for Historic Preservation

The National Trust site will provide you with information on everything from the history of the organization and its work/programs to information on the laws impacting preservation. There is also information on employment opportunities, conferences, and general news.

National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers

The National Conference of State Historic Preservation Officers (NCSHPO) is the professional association of the State government officials who carry out the national historic preservation program as delegates of the Secretary of the Interior pursuant to the National Historic Preservation Act.

National Council for Preservation Education

The NCPE site provides information on preservation education, preservation programs, employment, and links to the Preservation Education & Research Journal.


PreserveNet is designed to provide preservationists with a comprehensive database of regularly updated internet resources and current professional opportunities. 

Trust for Public Land

The Trust for Public Land conserves land for people to enjoy as parks, gardens, and other natural places, ensuring livable communities for generations to come. You will find valuable information on this site about conservation easement programs, land and water conservation programs, and parks.

Environmental and Natural Resources Sites

American Farmland Trust

This organization is dedicated to farmland protection, promoting sound farming practices, and keeping farmers on the land. You will be able to find a lot of information on federal farm policy, state issues and programs, and stewardship programs.


Earthjustice is a non-profit public interest law organization dedicated to protecting the magnificent places, natural resources, and wildlife of this earth, and to defending the right of all people to a healthy environment.

Natural Resources Defense Council

The NRDC is an environmental action group that addresses issues including, but not limited to global warming, clean energy, ocean conservation, endangered species and wild places, environmental health, safe and sufficient water, and fostering sustainable communities. You will find information on these issues and policies relating to them on this site.

Sierra Club

Another well known environmental group. This site has information on environmental conservation news and programs across the country.

Blogs and Listservs


A catchall site on law and archeology that addresses cases related to coins, shipwrecks, museums, auction houses, crimes, and preservation.

Law of the Land

A blog on land use law and zoning that addresses case law and other developments related to everything from ADA to Wind Power Law. The extensive archives have a lot of great case summaries related to historic preservation and conservation.

Tom King’s CRM Plus

King states his blog provides “Ruminations on “cultural resource management,” environmental impact assessment, and related esoteric topics, by a curmudgeon who seldom has anything good to say about anything.” This site is a valuable resource on all of these subjects - and more. It is definitely worth subscribing to.