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How countries are successfully using the law to get looted cultural treasures back

In this cover story for the July issue of the ABA Journal, ....

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How Terrorists Tap a Black Market Fueled by Stolen Antiquities

How Terrorists Tap a Black Market Fueled by Stolen Antiquities

Architecture ABC

Here is a fun video for architecture enthusiasts - its an alphabetical list of important architects and their signature works. Enjoy!.

Museums in the Digital Age

As information and education continue to digitize museums are jumping on the bandwagon. These and other cultural organizations are taking advantage of the opportunity to increase their access and give a wider audience the chance to interact with their collections. Museums across the globe are making their collection immediately accessible, globally, at any time of day. The Imperial War Museum in London has been utilizing this technology during a remodeling project. Please take a look at this article to learn about the benefits of such actions.

Motor City Holding On… to Art

In the face of bankruptcy residents of Detroit voted in favor of a 10-year commitment to an increase in real estate taxes that would guarantee the Detroit Institute of Arts $23 million a year, giving the museum far more financial stability than it has had in years and preventing the museum from having to part with any of its collections to pay the bills. Read more about the Detroit Institute of Arts here.